Friday, 5 June 2015

12 health conditions that effect women differently than men.

Certain health conditions that are common to both men and women, affect women differently than men. Although the effects seem to be similar, however, these conditions may primarily affect women or will effects women more than men. Let's talk about these conditions,

  1. Alcohol Abuse: About 3. 5 Million women in the USA are alcohol abuse, putting their health, safety and wellbeing at risk. The studies have confirmed that the hazardous effects of Alcohol are more severe in women than men. These effects are breast Cancer, heart disease and fetal alcohol syndrome. The latter is the condition of babies born of alcohol addicted mothers, from mental and learning disabilities.
  2. Heart Diseases: Women are more likely to die from heart disease than men, particularly after a heart attack. Secondly, Women shows fewer concerns for emergency care and controlling the cholesterol levels.
  3. Anxiety and depression: Women are more prone to the symptoms of anxiety and depression than men. Depression is the common health concern of women and comparatively more women are diagnosed with anxiety and depression than men.
  4. Osteoarthritis:  It causes joint pain, swelling and stiffness. Almost 27 million are the effectuates of this in the USA, the majority of them are women.
  5. Sexually transmitted disease/ infections: STD, Sexually transmitted diseases and STI, Sexually transmitted infections, are the common health concerns of women. It affects women more than men and its symptoms may be confused with other common symptoms of a reproductive system like yeast infections.  STD/ STI is causing 24,000 women infertility cases, in the USA annually.
  6.  Stress: As per the findings of the American Psychological Association, APA,  stress is on rising in women. Findings of the survey show the effects of stress on 50% of women than 39% of men. Studies have also confirmed that stress can cause infertility in women.
  7. Stroke: Some factors like family history, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels are similar to both men and women, still there are causes that are specific to women only, these are taking birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, frequent migraine attacks and having a thick waist. 
  8. Urinary Tract health issues: Due to the way the female urinary system is structured, females are twice affected by UTIs than men.
There are some health conditions that are predominantly related to women, like,

    9. Breast cancer.
   10. Menopause
   11. Prenatal care  and 
   12. Cervical cancers.


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