Saturday, 27 June 2015

24 effective and simple tips that will lose your weight.

If you want to drop your pounds, for a healthy and fit look, follow these fast-acting tips,  for a simple and easy weight loss.

  1. Take an orange or lemon juice at your breakfast and then for the remaining day, stick to water.
  2. Reduce your major meals intake by three bites.
  3. Watch one hour less TV, than your usual routine.
  4. Wash your home floor or your car thoroughly, once a week.
  5. Seek other ways than eating, to express your stress, warmth and emotions.
  6. Take a banana or an apple, when you are not really hungry.
  7. Dress your dining table with blue colour, blue colour suppresses appetite.
  8. Randomly eat in front of mirrors, it will reduce the quantity of your food intake.
  9. Have 10 minutes walk on the daily basis, the downstairs move is best.
  10. Keep moving for five minutes, when you have a two-hour sitting.
  11. Avoid prepared food.
  12. Put your spoon down, after few bites.
  13. Make an active social gathering with your family or friends at least once a week.
  14. Put less food in your dining plate, do not overload it.
  15. Eat the 90% of your food at home.
  16. Try to avoid eating in large groups.
  17. Eat food that has more water in it, avoid barbecue foods.
  18. Always have fruits and vegetables on your dining table.
  19. Miss a cup of coffee often, try a glass of water or try skimmed milk.
  20. Have cereals in your breakfast on daily basis.
  21. Eat fruits instead of fruit juice.
  22. Take nuts to beat your appetite.
  23. Take 70% of your daily food before noon.
  24. Brush your teeth after every meal, especially before dinner.

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