Thursday, 25 June 2015

Treating obesity- FDA approves a novel treatment.

The first since 2007, The US food and Drug Administration have approved a novel device for the treatment of obesity. 
 The summary of this obesity treatment is as,

  • The name of the device is Maestro Rechargeable System.
  • It treat obesity by controlling the hunger and feeling of fullness, it do so by acting on the nerves pathway between your brain and stomach.
  • It have to implanted surgically into your abdomen, it generates electrical impulses that interferes with the activity of vagus nerves that control appetite and sense of stomach fullness. The activities of the vagus nerves are critical importance for feeling of hunger as it signals to the brain that the stomach is empty. By interfering the activity if this nerves the signals of empty stomach and hunger to the brain are reduced to a healthy level, and it will control your appetite and hunger feeling. By this way it will contribute significantly to the reduction in obesity.
  •   This approval by FDA is based on a study about the effectiveness of this device for obesity. Compared to the controlled group, the individuals with this device shows a 8.5% more reduction in obesity.
  • Although the ideal guideline of 10% effectiveness is not meet in case of Maestro Rechargeable System, but the additional data and the potential benefits of this device, make it approved by FDA for obesity.

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