Tuesday, 23 June 2015

04 most effective tips to get rid of face fat and chubby cheeks.

Face and cheeks are not the exceptions from getting fat. It is convenience to follow the four tip an get rid of face fat and chubby cheeks by following the four most effective tips. 
Regular exercise and taking healthy food can solve this issue and will also give you the extra benefits of overall weight loss and a healthy heart. Additionally, it will give more strength to your skin and will give you a younger look. Now, let's talk about the four tips you need to get rid of face fat and chubby cheeks.
1. Exercise: A moderate exercise of 25 minutes to 50 minutes six days a week is the recommendation of disease control and prevention centre USA. You should opt for the exercise that increases your heart rate and your breathing. It will be better for you to choose from the variety of exercises like aerobics, playing tennis or any other sport you enjoy, running or yoga.
2. Weightlifting exercise; These types of exercise increase your metabolism, burns your calories and hence fats and additionally tone your muscles to have stronger and firm muscles of shoulders, arm, back, chest, hips and legs.
3. Lion pose exercises: Do the lion pose it will strengthen the muscles of your face and neck. Its simple, kneel on a mat, cross your one ankle on another and your buttocks on your heal. During this exercise keep your fingers wide and keep your palms on your knees. Secondly, breath through your nose in depth and keep open your mouth and eyes wide open. Thirdly, stretched your tongue out and down toward your chin. repeat the same at least five to six times.
4. Perform yoga face twist: Add a face twist to your existing yoga twists. A simple method is that when you follow the exercise at step 3 of lion pose exercise, rest on the floor, make a sitting tall position for your body and have deep breathing. While exhaling keep your right hand on your left thigh and wrap your left arm behind you to reach the right elbow or try for it to be as close as you can. Then turn on the other side and repeat. Make sure to use your facial muscles to pull your lips and cheeks to the other side on which you are twisting. 


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