Thursday, 18 June 2015

How garlic keeps you away from diseases.

Garlic is one of the first herb recognized for its health and wellness benefits in human history. Considered as divine in old Egypt, since then it has an increasing number of believers for its health and well benefits.
 Let's talk about the benefits of Garlic for your health, 

  1. Garlic thins your blood and helps you to protect your heart from attacks.
  2. It reduces cholesterol levels, helps to keep your blood veins open and lowers the high blood pressure.
  3. Garlic used in soups helps to protect you from diseases of chest infections and congestion.
  4. It is used for the treatment of fungal infections and intestinal worms.
  5. Garlic has known anti-cancer effects and helps you to protect you from intestinal cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the prostate.
  6. Garlic is a low calories diet, i-e 4 calories per clove, so its results in weight gain.
  7. Allin, the smelly compound in garlic have the capabilities to kill 23 types of different bacteria, which cause different diseases in your body, including Salmonella and Streptococcus.

How to fight the bad smell of Garlic

  1. If you are adding garlic in your cooking, add parsley and coriander in a good amount, will help to fight the smell of garlic in your dishes.
  2. Add garlic in your dishes, just before you serve it.
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