Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dermatologist recommends six tips for reducing scars on skin.

Whenever you got an injury when got an injury or accident, your body starts work to repair the skin, and scars are the natural part of this healing processes. 
The appearance of scars depends on how well, your skin is healed. The following six tips can help you to reduce the appearance of skin scars,

  1. Always keep your cut, scars and skin injury clean: Remove debris and germs from your injuries by gently washing it with warm water.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly keeps the injury moist and will prevent forming a scab on the skin. Remember that wounds with scan take longer to heal. The petroleum jelly application on injuries will help to avoid to shift the injuries deep, itchy and large.
  3. After washing and applying petroleum jelly, cover it with an adhesive bandage: Use hydro-gel and silicone gel sheets for covering the injuries.
  4. Change your bandage daily: If you are skin sensitive to adhesives, try a non- adhesive gel sheet. Follow the instructions on the sheets for usage and change.
  5. Stretches: If you have stretched your wounds, then follow the doctor advice how to take care of it and when it be removed.
  6. Apply sunscreen to the sounds after it gets healed: When the injury is healed, apply sunscreen on it, this will fade away the scars fast. Always use broad-spectrum sunscreen and use it frequently.

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