Monday, 15 June 2015

Can mental illness be treated by proper diet?

Most of you recognise that if you have any diseases, particular to your heart, then you will be in need of taking care of yourself by taking the diet that suits your condition. In high blood pressure, you have to avoid the food that raises it, same to diabetes and others.
International society of nutritional psychiatry research recognizes that proper diet is as important for your mental health and wellbeing as for your physical health. For the explanation, what are the recommendations of international society of nutritional psychiatry,

  1. WHAT YOUR BRAIN NEED: Your brain is in need of key nutrients for its proper function. Your brain is in need of Polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega- 03, essential amino acids, vitamin b family, zinc, vitamin D magnesium and iron. The international society of nutritional psychiatry strongly recommends the use of nutritional supplements, if you are unable to meet your nutritional requirements by diet.
  2. WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET PROPER DIET: The society also supports vigorous research into the nutritional approach for the treatment and prevention of-of psychiatry disorders.
  3.  RESEARCH PROOFS: Multiple studies have provided a very solid proof for the importance of nutrition in the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. The British journal of psychiatry has also proven the effectiveness of nutrients in the treatment of Attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adults. Multiple studies have also found the major role of omega- 3 fatty acids in countering the signs of depression. Similar fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut have good effects for mental health along with gut health.
 Nutrition has a crucial role to play in light of the high emergence and prevalence of the mental disorders and proper nutrition should not be ignored while treating and assisting the individuals with mental disorders.

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