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The four cures for age spots of your skin.

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Before getting into the talk about the solution available for the age or liver spots on your skin, lets first talk, their origin.
Age or Liver spots on your skin: These annoying brown blotches have nothing to do with your liver or age, these are the damages caused by the sun ultraviolet rays.
 This is the colour of melanin that is produced in your skin as result of damage of melanocytes,  the cells within your skin, and have produced these brown flat spots. That is the reason that these spots are produced on the parts of your skin that are exposed to the sun.
The solution for your age spots: You have to opt for a double action formula, the one for the action of exfoliating your skin and the second to dissolve and cure the melanin that is accumulated in your age spots. 

  • Hydroquinone is a topical bleaching cream, easily available with different brand names at the drugstore near you, stops the production of melanin and can cure your age spots.
  • Topical retinoids are an excellent medicine available for the skin exfoliating, amazingly exfoliates your skin. In combination with hydroquinone, this is an excellent remedy for the age spots on your skin.
  • Different chemical peels that use the action of tiny rough grains to buff your skin, is also effective in the majority of skin age spots.
  • The laser treatment, IPL, intense pulsed light, can also solve the issue of age spots. Take the services of a consultant dermatologist, for this option. Three to four laser treatment episodes can solve your this skin issue.
  • Most important, use sunscreen regularly after getting any opted method, to prevent its recurrence.
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