Friday, 5 June 2015

09 symptoms of hormonal imbalance in Women.

You can suffer from hormonal imbalance at any stage of your life as hormonal imbalance is not limited only to old age, where the symptoms of hot flushes and other related symptoms are well known to all. 
Before we talk about the hormonal imbalance effect on your body, lets first see why hormone imbalance may affect your health. The reason is, that hormones are chemical messengers and body utilize these hormones for controlling and integrating different body functions. The hormonal imbalance is the above or below the concentration of a specific hormone in your body. This imbalance may be caused by different factors like puberty, injury or a specific disease.

Hormones are commonly thought to be associated with a sextual characteristic, like the sex glands of women produce both estrogen and progesterone for healthy reproduction.  Men sex hormones are testosterone and some amount of estrogen, these are essential for the sexual function and building mass and bones in Men. 
In a healthy body the production of the hormones is well balanced but as you age the production may be imbalanced that can cause different symptoms within your body. In women, the hormonal levels fluctuate naturally in the monthly cycle that affects their behaviour and emotional health. The common symptoms of the unnatural hormone imbalance in women are,

  1. Weight gain.
  2. Weight loss.
  3. Hot flushes
  4. Night Sweats.
  5. Trouble in sleeping.
  6. Low sex drive.
  7. fatigue
  8. Memory loss
  9. Vaginal dryness.
The major reason behind the hormonal imbalance in women is the end of the childbearing age. The body stops the production of eggs and related hormones and results in the hormonal imbalance in the short period of time. 
Women should not ignore the diseases related aspects of hormonal imbalance. The good aspect of the talk is that hormone imbalance is treatable, HRT, hormone replacement therapy. HRT is the effective treatment to help bring relief, restore confidence and improve overall health. The advice of the qualified Gynecologist/  health care provider is must tailor your treatment as per your specific requirement and symptoms.


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