Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Three reasons why you are not losing your belly fat?

Are you frustrated by not losing your belly fat? So, you need not to worry, eat well, get moving and be stress free, you will lose it. Lets find the reasons why you are not losing your belly fat.

  • First you should know that losing belly fat or fats from your any other body part, you can not do it merely by exercise, exercise can strengthen your parts but will not result in belly fat, if you want to lose it, plan to lose all body fats, only in this case you will be able to lose it.
  • Mind the three reasons of fat lose, one is fats should be released in order to lose it, so get moving, when the fat will be released it should reach the blood cells that burns it, third fats should get a way to enter in the blood cells that can burn fat cells.
Now, lets talk about the three major reasons, why you are not losing your belly fat.

  1. You are exercising wrong: The type of exercise you are doing is not for belly fat loss, may be its for strengthening your muscles. The best strategy is to burn your calories. You need to know about the exercises that increase your metabolism. Its also possible that your exercise needs the improvements of duration, or you are doing as much movements as you can in the shirt time available. You should note that best exercise for belly fat loss, should follow the simple formula of low intensity work for longer duration of time.Think of weight lifting as well, its among the best options for belly fat loss, take the advice of expert for this first, to avoid any body pains or joints health issues, for opting this.
  2. You are stressed: The second reason, that you are not losing your belly fat is your stress. You should remain calm and cool in face of stressors, the reason is when you are stressed, your body release a hormone, Cortisol, it make the fat cells mature and in store able form. So, invest time to relax by involving your self in some positive bodily activities. Remaining social with your family and friends will also lower your stress levels. Deep breathing is a good and simple trick to remain stress free.
  3. You are not getting enough sleep: Its important, first it helps you to avoid stress, that cause belly fat, second, it gives a chance to belly fats to burn out, as you are neither stress nor getting any calories. A daily seven hour sleep is the compulsion to avoid stress and burns your belly fat.

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