Monday, 8 June 2015

Top 07 home remedies for Skin stretched marks.

Your skin is composed of elastin, It's soft and stretchable with specific limitations. When the skin is overstretched by sudden weight gain or loss, by pregnancy the stretched marks appear on the skin. More than 90% of women develop stretched marks in one or another stage of their life.
 Its home remedies are effective options to get rid of it permanently. Let's talk about the options, you have to remove your stretched marks.
  • Apricot Scrub to remove stretched marks: What you need are, 2- 3 apricots and lukewarm water to wash your skin. Its application is simple, crush the Apricots, without seeds, and apply it on your skin having stretched marks. Leave it for 15- 20 minutes and later on wash with warm water. Repeat the procedure, twice daily for one month and get the amazing results.
  • Alovera leafs to remove stretched marks: Take Alovera leafs and de- thorn it, remove its upper skin, Take the get from inside the leaf and apply it on over stretches, forget it for about two hours. The ideal is, to apply the gel before going to bed.
  • Oils to remove stretched marks: Natural oils have benefits of moisturizing and repairing the skin, Oils that can be used for this purpose are Lavender oil, Rose oil, Myrrh oil, Chamomile oil, Olive oil, Frankincense oil and Geranium oil. You can use the mentioned oils alone or the combination of two-three of them, in equal quantity, apply on the affected skin and get rid of your skin stretches. 
  • Potato oil: Cut a potato in slices and gently rub it on the affected skin parts. Make it sure that all the stretches on your skin are wet by rubbing. Leave it for at least 10 minutes and wash with warm water.
  • Lemon juice: Apply lemon juice on the affected skin, and leave it for 10 Minutes, later on, wash with warm water.
  • Homemade cream: You can prepare your homemade cream for the skin stretches, for this you need Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Vitamin E water in a combination of 2:2:1. Mix the ingredients well and apply it on the skin.
  • Eggs white to remove stretched marks: Apply egg white after beating it thoroughly, on your skin, to remove the marks.

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