Thursday, 4 June 2015

What stress do with your body and health.

You know stress, a very common health and emotional challenge, resulted from your busy lifestyle and your urge to be more successful, before the due time.
 Today, lets talk about the effects that stress have on your health.

  1. It makes you exhausted: Continuous stress makes you exhausted. The result is the limited release of hormone Cortisol, which is released into your bloodstream as result of stress. Cortisol counters the effects of stress, make your heart beat faster so as to supply more energy to your brain and nervous system. But Continuous stress results in the limited release of this hormone, which makes you exhausted, all the day. The simple solution to keep the hormones to the normal levels is a three-hour workout a week, so don, t wait and get moving.
  2. It affects your Libido: Continuous stress results in the reduced production of estrogen, which keeps your reproductive system on move. Switching to a healthy diet and cutting down the consumption of processed food, can cope with the health challenge.
  3. It makes you hard to poop: The knots in your stomach is, of course, an annoying feeling. Stress has a profound impact upon the release of hormones from your thyroid glands. This results in, among multiple other unwanted symptoms, of constipation. The simple solution is to go to the gym, take fibrous foods and drink a lot of fluids.
  4. Stress cause Acne: Stress spike your androgen hormone and can result in Acne, In addition to acne stress also cause rashes in different parts of your body. As you have seen, stress impacts the hormonal system, which makes your immune system weak and you can easily get into the symptoms of skin rashes and other skin infections. Visit your drug store for any topical treatment of Acne and if the issue is not solved, consult your doctor.
  5. You will not remember all: One of the type of stress that results when you feel a threat to your life or when you lose one of your loved ones forever is called traumatic stress. if you are suffering from traumatic stress, it affects your brain part, the Hippo-campus, this is that part of your brain, that stores memories. Stress actually shrinks this brain part and both your short term and long term memories are impaired.
  6. Stress makes you gain weight: It's a well-established fact that individuals, how are an expert in stress management skills are more likely to lose weight than those, who are not skilled in stress management. Second, most important weight aspect of body and stress is that women that are most of the time overridden by stress metabolize sugars and fats differently than those of stress-free women.
  7. You can lose hair: You can lose your hairs more than usual when you remain in stress for more than three to six months. However, this hair fall is temporary and an emphasis on your diet will help you to cope with hair loss due to stress.
  8. You can get back pain: When you are stressed, your blood pressure and heart pump more than normal. This tightens your muscles and back pain can arise due to this stretched muscles. The chances of getting back pain are more when you sit all the day round. Standing and stretching every hour, is the simple and time-tested solution for back pain due to stress.

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