Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is their any difference in causes of heart attacks among women and men?

May is the month of women heart health, May have gone but the heart attacks and heart issues in women still remain. Their were successful campaigns for educating the women about their heart health and issues.
 Most important point to talk today, is that majority of us and health care providers don, t recognize that women, s heart are different from the men, s.  Their are some points noteworthy to mention in this regard,
  1. More women than men died since 1984 from heart attacks. The trend of heart attach after age of forty years is replaced in significant numbers for heart attack in 30,s and even 20, s. The yearly age sufferers were in good physical health, no symptoms and were healthy. 
  2. One of the possibility of this is the less number of trials for heart diseases based on sex. Only one among three trails have represented gender based trails due to which the specific drug or device for women health is not formulated.
  3. We are still unknown to asses at the best, how to modify and recognize an interrelation between a women heart issues and her reproductive cycle. Same is for the pregnancy and how to address this issue.
  4. What are the role of psychological and auto- immune disorders, that it plays in development of cardiovascular diseases in women. is there is a need of sex specific predictive tools and tests or the current one needs modification. 
  5. Currently the disparities between women and men heart diseases are not known in depth. 
  6. In 2012 American Congress passed a bill, HEART for women act, which suggest to Department of Health and Human Services, to submit a report on women with heart health issues and investigate its compliance with FDA, s sex, age and race criteria for clinical studies. But still there is a lot still to be done.
  7. Specific training program mes should be formulated for clinicians to better asses the women health issue in light of their specific health concerns and life cycle.
  8. Society for Women Health Research is active from last 25 years to educate women about their heart health and is funding research to clinicians to asses the women heart issues in a more better way.
Source of Article: Huffington Post.


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