Sunday, 7 June 2015

Why women find it hard to lose weight.

A study confirms about the more obstacles women face than men, when it comes to weight loss. 

Lets first talk about the factors, 

  1. Men have more muscles than women, the more more muscles needs more calories, particularly during workouts, thus the calories consumption are more, if we think of a situation, where workout is same.
  2. Men are more heavier and bigger than women, so same calories consumption and fats burning are more. Men basal metabolic rate is greater than women.
  3. The third reason is psychological, eating triggers by stress and emotions, as women are comparatively more prone to stress and emotional disturbances, the factor of emotional eating is more in women than men.

Tips to cover the difference:

  1. Try to keep your muscles more fit by regular exercise, healthy and fit muscles burns more calories and helps you to burns more body fats.
  2. Keep focus on what you eat, in addition, recognize your eating triggers and control them. In between major meals, eating is majorly driven by emotional disturbances. 
  3. Keep healthy snacks, green leafy vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator, so as to use them in place of junk food.
  4. Remember it that habits never change suddenly. Try to bring improvements in your lifestyle gradually for a healthy lifestyle and weight.

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