Tuesday, 14 July 2015

05 natural home remedies to prevent pregnancy stretched marks.

Stretch marks are unavoidable during pregnancy. The increase in weight from inside your belly exerts force  upon your skin, particularly that of belly to expand, to keep up the demand of pregnancy. 

When your stretches, their is a lot of probability that it will split on some spots. Commonly, this split spot is not filled by collagen, resulting in stretch marks on your skin. Here are five effective home for the pregnancy stretched marks prevention.
  • Drink, Drink Water: Drinking more water is very closely associated with multiple health and beauty benefits. Pregnancy stretched marks is also not an exception. Drinking more water makes your body to release the unhealthy toxins and also enable your skin to cover the effects of pressure from inside on skin. The general requirement fro your body is eight glasses of water per day. If by any reason you are finding it ugly, you can opt for green tea for the desired benefits, as it is caffeine free and keeps your body well hydrated. It will protects you from pregnancy stretched marks.
  • Take regular skin friendly vitamins and food: Vitamin A, C, and E are vital for the health of your skin. Vitamin A helps in the repair of skin tissues. Vitamin C is very vital for the production of skin fibers, collagen, that give it strength and elasticity. Vitamin E keeps the cell membrane intact with each other. Omega- 3 fatty acid will give not only health and strength to your skin but will also give skin a natural glow. Certain foods can also help you in the prevention of skin stretched marks, these are nuts, spinach, strawberries, carrots, sweat potatoes, walnuts, mangoes and eggs. These nutritional intake will guarantee your stretch free skin during pregnancy.
  • Massage and moisturize: The areas of your body that are more prone to skin stretched marks are your tummy, sides, lower back and legs, you should moisturize these body parts well. Best option to keep them moisturize are the oils that can penetrate deep into your skin and make it oily from inside. These oils are sesame oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Do not apply pressure while moisturizing, just rub it gently till oil disappears.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly: Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells from the outer surface of skin. It can be done by various ways, like  brushing your skin gently with a bristled body brush. Apply the brush ob dry skin thoroughly, it will not only remove the outer dead cells from your body but will also give fresh blood circulation to your skin and will enhance the skin health and wellness, to prevent skin stretched marks in pregnancy.
  • Exercise: Take the advice your Gynecologist for the proper exercise and follow it. It will give multiple benefits to your health in pregnancy, including help in preventing skin pregnancy stretched marks.


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