Monday, 6 July 2015

How to start protecting your potential of fertility from age 20?

Even if you are not ready to become a mom start protecting your chances of being pregnant, suggested by top reproductive expert D. Pisarska, M.D. 
If you are more focused on your career and not ready to get pregnant. Yet the fact is that someday you will be wishing for it. So, keep in mind the following points,

  • Get your fertility tests at age 20 or earlier 30 by an expert gynaecologist.
  • There are options with today technology that determine your potential of becoming the future mom.
  • Why its important that, because women are born with a finite number of eggs within their bodies, who fertilizes to become a baby.
  • If your fertility tests show that the number of eggs in your ovaries is dwelling, then you can preserve it for future use.
  • The best time to reserve your eggs is at age 32, with no guarantee to be fertilized in future, to make you a mom.
  • If the women are at the age of 35 and the couple is unable to have babies, the ovaries of women should be tested to determine its health status.
Other options besides preserving eggs with you at the time, when you want to be pregnant.

  • these are injected fertility medicines.
  • intrauterine insemination, 
  • More aggressive option is vitro fertilization.
  • the last one is donor sperm and egg.

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