Sunday, 23 August 2015

How much walking you need for Weight Loss.

Walking is the most important and feasible exercise in your lives. It shapes your look and add in the healthy well-being of your life. Same importance walking have for weight loss.
 You can lose 20 pounds merely by walking, with out joining any gym or going for nay diet plan, this is one pound you can lose very easily by walking. But this depends on how much and how you are going for a walk. Lets talk,
  • Losing weight by walking: Two aspects are very important, how much is your weight and the speed of your walking. Generalized effective formula is to walk for one hour and travel 4 km in this one hour. By this way you will lose 400 calories in one day. For effective results you need to walk daily. For your motivation you may use pedometer, that will tell you who much you have walked and calories you burnt.
  • How many steps to take in walking for weight loss: You need to take 2000 steps in a km for effective and visible weight loss. By this way you need 8000 steps to lose 400 calorie, by walking 4 kn daily.
Easy to follow tips to Manage walking for weight loss.

  • Change the walking track on weekly basis, this will keep you away from getting bored.
  • Make it enjoyable not an obligation, if a friend accompany you , you will enjoy more.
  • Have clothing to cover weather.
Walking style: keep your eyes 100 feet forward, have your chin up and tighten your belly toward your backbone. Start your walk initially from 15 to 20 minutes and then gradually increase the time to 60 minutes. Better to ask your doctor, if you are suffering from any diseases before starting walk.


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