Friday, 14 August 2015

Strange weight loss tips that works.

Although exercise and diet plans are best for weight loss, there are some options that have been experienced by many among you and have got success in losing their pounds.

 So trying these strange weight loss tips may help you to lose weight, Make a try,

  1. Take a whiff of peppermint: Inhaling peppermint curbs your appetite and helps you in controlling your calories intake. In a study it is proven that people who inhale peppermint, every two hourly for five days have felt less food carving than those who does n, t inhale it.  This also invigorate your scenes and keeps you alert.
  2. Use blue plates: Looks strange. But it is proven that when there is more contrast in between the plate colour and food, people less more. Eating less keeps your calories intake at the desired level and helps you to lose weight. One Boston research study of 2004 has also proven that eating in red plated increase your food intake by 20%. 
  3. The ribbon around your waist: Ribbon around your waist, before dinning,  keeps you alert of the quantity of food you have consumed.  At dinning when your ribbon become tighten,s you can feel that the quantity consumed is enough and now it should be stopped.
  4. Consume carbohydrates at dinner: For a more healthier eating habits eat proteins and fats at your breakfast and lunch and consume carbohydrates at dinner. The benefits you will get are, you will feel fuller all the day and a number of calories intake can be maintained at a healthy level.


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