Sunday, 16 August 2015

Eat this and lose your weight in little time.

If you need to lose weight whole eggs are the best option as food for you. The reasons are,

  • Whole eggs are high in protein.
  • The fats included in whole eggs are the healthy one.
  • They feel you full for a longer duration of time than any other food, with very low calories.
  • Whole eggs are the high nutrients dense diet and can fulfil your nutrients needs you require, with minimum calories.
  • One study conducted on 30 overweight women have revealed that eating whole eggs for breakfast instead of bagels have increased satiety and have made them eat in; the lesser amount for the next 36 hours.

Once feared for being higher in cholesterol, whole eggs are now making a come back. as new studies reveal that they do not adversely enhance blood cholesterol and do not cause a heart attack. Source


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