Saturday, 19 September 2015

Amazing 09 weight loss tips at lunch for weight loss success.

Do not blow your daily caloric intake at lunchtime for your weight loss aims. adopt these 09 worthy lunchtime tips for your success in weight loss.

  1. Place your healthy lunch order ahead: Place your lunch order five to ten minutes ahead, so that you can avoid the prepared junk food and can have your lunch as planned by you in a healthy way. 
  2. Say NO to mayo: Avoid Mayonnaise, the commonly used food item used at lunch, which has high calories contents. Mustard is a good option for this, to avoid extra calories intake for your success in weight loss.
  3. Opt for grilled instead of fried: The grilled average size sandwich is 100 calories less than the fried one. Apply this generalization to the food you are opting for your lunch.
  4. Thin crust pizza is a good choice than regular: If you are in a mood of eating Pizza at lunch consider the thin crust one than regular size. The first one has half the amount of calories than the second one. Secondly, consider the veggies toppings than the fatty one. You will avoid 50 % less weight gaining food by opting these two simple tips.
  5. Do some research: There are multiple versions of a single branded food. Take time to read their nutritional contents and calories per serving. You can easily find the one which is most suitable for you. Give preference to the high protein and low caloric one.
  6. Reconsider your side dish: French fries and other fatty side dishes at lunch can cause weight gain. Fresh salad with fewer calories food dressing is a good option.
  7. Go for smaller one: While you are a restaurant for your lunch, order for the comparatively smaller portion of food. Order for children meal than a family package.
  8. Opt for a good topping: Salsa is a good option as topping instead of creamy one, have a healthy consideration while selecting your food topping.
  9. Pack your lunch: If you pack your lunch, everything will be in your control. It will contain exactly what you are planning for. you will avoid overeating and extra caloric intake by packing your lunch.
Consider these points while you lunch and remain fit and active with desired weight.

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