Monday, 21 September 2015

Runners make these common seven mistakes for weight loss.

It's nice you are opting for running to lose your weight. is your running is not = to weight loss. Then think of these seven common running mistakes you make. let's talk,

  1. Are you miscounting calories: It's true that running burns more calories than any other physical activity, generally it is 124 calories per mile. But it's possible that you easily over consume an extra simple soda drink that counters the calories loss of running.
  2. You are over careless about fats: You are satisfied that you are on fats lessen foods and will continue it till you achieve your weight loss aims.  It's good. but remember to not over careless about the role of fats that it have in the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals, also take care of its role in keeping your hormone balanced. Both hormone balance and vital Vitamins and minerals are vital for the fitness and weight loss success.
  3. You are not hitting the road empty:  If you hit the road on empty stomach at this level your body has little glycogen to burn and your body fats get a good chance to burn itself by your running. Running otherwise get enough glycogen,  Stored form of sugar, to burn by your exercise and little or not fats are fuel for your running, resulting in an unsatisfied fat loss.
  4. You are eating more after your running: Running makes your hormones fresh, makes you stress-free and consume the stored glycogen within your muscles. So, your body becomes more eager to eat and makes you eat more. This extra food intake balances your caloric loss of running and you don't lose your body fats.
  5. You are refuelling during running: If you are refuelling your body by energy drinks, soda drinks then you are balancing your lost calories with it. So it will not result in weight loss.
  6. You are taking more liquids than solid foods: Consuming above average liquid foods like tea, coffee, soda and juice have same calories that are in a plate of healthy eating. But the issue is that it does not satisfy your satiety to eat and you wish to eat after a short time. This makes you overeat what you actually need. 
  7. Running weight loss is one-two pounds per week: Do not over expect. A normal running of two to three kilometres will result in one to pounds loss in a week. So you are OK with your weight loss aims by running, however, your over expectations from running are giving you the feeling that you are not losing your fats.

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