Tuesday, 29 September 2015

For your fast and quick weight loss over come these seven culprits of weight loss.

You are doing each thing correctly, taking optimal protein and fibers, doing your exercise regularly and following the healthy weight loss lifestyle habits and tips, but the scale says you, when you weight yourself---- nothing.
Here is the description of seven culprits that have make you weight resistant, these are commonly ignored by the majority of dietitians and clients while opting for their weight loss.

 Considering it will bring results for your efforts, lets talk in detail,
  1. Lack of sleep: Your hormonal activity remain unbalance without proper sleep. The findings of the research at the university of Chicago have also found that even with a perfect diet and exercise, you are at risk of weight gain if you do not have proper sleep of eight hours. Plan for your proper sleep, switch off electronics, have a hot bath and if necessary use melatonin and other sleep aiding aids.
  2. Long term Stress: Avoid consistent stress as it breakdown hormone and accumulate fats in your body. Yoga, meditation and a morning walk can help you to lower your stress levels and aids in your weight loss.
  3. Toxins: Toxins get entered into your body through air, food and water intake. Environmental toxins stimulates the fats accumulation within your body. Indication of elevated toxins levels at body are smell sensitivity, insulin resistance and sex hormone imbalance. Seek the guideline of your qualified health services provider to cope with body toxins and avoid your body weight gain.
  4. Thyroid fatigue: The low levels of iodine and selenium, long term stress, body toxins and gluten intolerance can make your thyroid function imbalance. how you will know that your thyroid function is imbalance is the indications like impacted metabolic rate, low sex hormone levels, inability to build muscles, depression, constipation, dry skin, low body temperature and resistance to lose weight. Check the levels of TSH, Free T3 and T4 and ask the advice of the doctor if these are out of balance. 
  5. Dysbiosis: The presence of candida in your intestine is the dysbiosis you are suffering from, due to this your body will be unable to absorb nutrients from food and you will suffer from hunger, food carvings, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea. Dysbiosis is also among the major reason of weight loss resistance, which should be diagnosed through a doctor and be treated properly so as able your self to lose weight.
  6. Food intolerance: If you are suffering from tolerability of some food components like gluten, soy, peanuts, eggs, corn, sugar and artificial flavors, you will be unable to lose weight. The way to adopt for the food intolerance is the complete elimination diet for three weeks to cope with this issue.
  7. Over doing cardio: Do not go for aver doing cardio, as it may potentially cause weight gain.

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