Saturday, 17 October 2015

06 tips on how to lose weight with Green tea.

Everyone knows that green tea consumption on regular basis is extremely helpful to lose weight. The talk of the day is, how to consume it to lose weight, let's see,

  1. Do not afraid to drink seven cups of green tea daily. This will help you to stay full and reduce your calories intake significantly. Best time for green tea intake is before or right after your major meals.
  2. Drink it regularly. when you will ensure its daily regular intake even on weekends, it will help you to lose extra pounds.
  3. Talk to the persons who have already lose their weight by green tea and take benefits of their experience on how and how much to drink it.
  4. Including a simple exercise with drinking green tea will help you to lose three pounds every week.
  5. Sharing your experience about the benefits of green tea with others will help them on one side and will help you to stick to it on other.
  6. Start your day with green tea, being an excellent appetite suppressant, you will get additional advantages, by taking green tea at the start of your day. 

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