Saturday, 3 October 2015

Do it right, three most effective ways to build chest muscles.

Building chest muscles is an essential every one desire and try for. Let's see the four most effective ways to build chest muscles,

Push-ups: It is most accepted exercise when it comes to building chest muscles. However, the question arises, are you doing right so that I build your upper chest and shoulder muscles. The right way is, 

  • Lay down straight on the ground.
  • Legs should be completely stretched.
  • Place your hand's width apart.
  • Start moving your body up, while force should be palm and tip of legs.
  • Go down and never touch the ground.
  • Do a set of 15 sets and among each set take some deep breaths.
Bench Pressing:
  • Lie down on the bench.
  • Place your feet firmly on the ground at each side of the bench.
  • Lower the barbell toward your chest until it makes a 90 angel with your chest.
  • Push it up again when it reaches about an inch nearer to your chest.
  • Do 03 sets of 10 reps.
Bar Dips: Bar Dips is also among the most effective ways to build chest muscles, here is the right way,

  • Hold the parallel bar dips in each hand and stand in front of bar dip.
  • Push it lower to your stomach.
  • Raise it slowly step by step.
  • Do it thrice initially and then increase the numbers as you proceed.

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