Sunday, 29 November 2015

If you follow these 10 tips, Green tea will is the superb option for your weight loss.

What is proven till today is that the fat burning benefits of green tea are comparable to Catechins, this is the group of Antioxidants that blast adipose tissue by releasing the fat cells from adipose tissue and also enhances the fat burning capabilities of the liver?

Additional recent findings are that these group of antioxidants limits the absorption of starch from meals and improves the carbohydrates metabolism. 
If you want to maximize the benefits of green tea for weight loss. have a combination of suitable exercise while consuming green tea.
Another ways you can enhance the green tea effects for weight loss are,

  1. Do not take bottled tea, prepare it for yourself from the herb of green tea.
  2. Tea bags are also a good option for weight loss benefits of weight loss.
  3. From various findings of the effectiveness of green tea, green tea from Tokyo is considered the best option for the benefits associated with green tea, particularly weight loss.
  4. Boil it well, for 80 c make it boil for 5- 6 minutes and for 90 c, boil it for 2- 3 minutes. if you are using tea bags, ensure a five minute of the tea bag in the boiled cup of water.
  5. The addition of one half of lemon in the cup of green tea also enhances its benefits for weight loss.
  6. Addition of one tsp of honey in the cup of green tea improves its performance.
  7. If you have left a half cup of tea, do not discard it, give it proper heath in an oven. Such type of heated tea has 20% more antioxidants benefits than the fresh one.
  8. Skip milk while preparing green tea, enhances its potency and health benefits.
  9. Do not buy green tea in bulk, Take it for up to one week as they are much proven to get contaminated and moisture, which reduces its effectiveness.
  10. Do not use a plastic cup for green tea, it may poison it, use good coloured porcelain cup.


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