Friday, 4 December 2015

You have not tried this ancient grain for your weight loss fast.

This is now a new entry in the grains for weight loss. This is an time tested remedy for weight loss and multiple health and fitness issues. Commonly used in middle east, Freekeh, is the  most suitable  and healthier option than the refined grains.

Before we talk about its benefits for weight loss, lets first know, what it is.
Freekeh is unlike than refined versions, these are wheat seeds which are harvested when they are immature, then dried and are floured. these grains are higher in protein contents than the common refined grains, in addition it contains higher quantity of fibers, vitamins and minerals. These are also commonly known as Green Wheat.
Health benefits of freekeh for weight loss.

  • With the highest amount of fiber, Freekeh is the best option to detoxify and cleanse body and regulate the gut health. You know it better that a healthier gut is the first pre- requisite for weight loss.
  • Freekeh is chewy and you will take time to eat it. Higher fibers makes your appetite satisfied comparatively after a short time and the rich protein contents makes you feel fuller for longer duration of time. So, it reduces your caloric intake and helps you a lot in meeting your weight loss aims.
Its a great food incorporate it in your diet plan. You can cook it with any vegetable you like. Will enjoy its consuming and will get amazing weight loss benefits.

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