Tuesday, 15 December 2015

These are the five simple tips to banish belly bloat.

It's very common for every one to feel bloated many times in a month. The reasons are multiple, but the major one is you are not eating right, you are consuming food that is hard for your stomach to digest. How much you are eating is only the minor cause of bloating. 

The hard to digest substances then moves through your gut and causes gas bubbles and you feel your stomach swells up. 
Here are very easy tips, you can beat the bloating.

  • Have a walk: If you are feeling bloated after your meals, have 10 minutes walk after it. Walking passes away the gas bubbles through your digestive system quicker and you feel lighter after it. A regular schedule of exercise is the key to say goodbye to bloating.
  • Take probiotic: These are the gut-friendly bacteria and ensures your smooth digestion of food inside your body. If you are taking some medications, like Antibiotic their balance may be interrupted. Bifidobacterium infantis is the strains of probiotic that is helpful in treating the bloating issue, consider a two weeks intake of its supplements.
  • Measure your lactose intake: About one in 10 adults are lactose intolerant, and bloat is the very common side effect of it. Talk to your healthcare provider, how much lactose you can take per day and do not exceed the limit.
  • Be relax: Stress is the major reason of bloating as it affects the enzymatic activities of your body. During stress body release adrenaline and  Cortisol that stimulate your digestive system. Stress-induced eating is also very common, these all together cause bloating, distension and gas in your gut. So be relax, take deep breathing and apply stress reduce tips to beat stress.
  • Take fibres: fibres have multiple health benefits including a healthy digestive system, Fibers ensures proper digestion of food and counter bloating. Take vegetables and fruits, some fibre supplement on daily basis to prevent bloating.
These five simple tips will keep you lighter and will prevent you/ can reduce fast, the signs and symptoms of bloating.

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