Monday, 14 December 2015

These are the five amazing ways to melt fats with tea.

What if I told you that you are going to know about the most effective weight loss tool known, it just cost a penny, works for everyone and freely available at the grocery store near you. It requires no hard work, stress and can be done at home, workplace and anywhere as per your convenience. 
This secret is green tea.The health miracle having multiple documented proofs for weight loss, fitness and health.

Here are five amazing ways, how you can make it more workable for your weight loss.

  • Drink it at your breakfast: It will absorb the healthy nutrients of your food into your body more efficiently and you will avoid the extra caloric intake of morning coffee and tea. Secondly, you will feel fuller for the major time of the day and can avoid junk food, the major reason for weight loss resistance.
  • Add a splash of lemon; Green tea most effective ingredient is polyphenol, but research says it breakdowns very quickly before you drink green tea. lemon preserves this precious antioxidant in green tea, and you can then get maximum benefits out of green tea.
  • Drink it with dinner; drinking green tea with dinner inhibits the absorption of toxins in the body, particularly mercury in fish. 
  • Make it a habit; if you consume just one cup of green tea every day for one month and do nothing more for your weight loss, even then you will be able to lose a pound of your fat in a month. think of five to six cups a day.

So, drink it, get more for your weight loss by tweaks mentioned above.

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