Monday, 7 December 2015

The three ingredients Alkaline water recipe for fast weight loss, fatigue and even more.

Impure water impacts your immune system and you are more prone to be unhealthy and gain weight. To enhance your health and maintain a healthy weight you have to keep the balance of acid/ Alkaline balance that is most important for you to stay healthy. 

When your body is too acidic you feel stressed, fatigued, low energy levels, weight gain, which is easily manageable by drinking fresh water and consuming fresh vegetables and fruits with a healthy acid/ alkaline balance.
Alkaline water recipe;
what you need for an alkaline water, 

  • One pitcher of fresh water.
  • One organic lemon cut into eight parts.
  • One tablespoon Himalayan Pink Salts.
How to prepare it:

  • Add lemon parts, do not squeeze, into water pitcher, additionally add One Tablespoon of Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Cover it and let sit it for eight hours.
The best water to maintain your acid/ alkaline body balance is ready.

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