Friday, 18 December 2015

Follow these effective 06 tips for water intake to speedup your weight loss.

Drinking more water is closely associated with weight loss. This is among the most feasible and convenient ways for weight loss. Water intake results in weight loss due to following reasons,
  • Drinking 0.5 litres of water enhances a number of calories to be burnt, at least for an hour. This is a proven way for modest weight loss.
  • Drinking water before meals reduces the appetite resulting in less caloric intake and hence results in your weight loss.
  • Drinking water regularly reduces the chances of weight gain and obesity, especially in young ones.
To get the above benefits, two to three litres of water intake is required on daily basis. To get the benefits of water intake for weight loss, here are six effective tips to stay hydrated.
  • Keep a water bottle handy.
  • Do not wait for water intake until you are thirsty.
  • Make your water more interesting, add few strawberries, mint, etc in a litre of water to makes its intake enjoyable.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables have water as its main content, drink it to stay hydrated and fulfil your water requirement.
  • Drinking Coconut water and skimmed milk are also good alternatives for water intake.
  • Minimize your caffeine and alcohol intake as they are diuretics and results in quick water loss from the body.
So, Drink it, enjoy it and get amazing weight loss and fitness benefits.

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