Thursday, 21 January 2016

Get the reality of Symptoms and Treatments of Testosterone deficiency.

Its a common fact that men at certain stage of his life throes his towel in work, go for a world tour and trade in his wife for a younger one. Middle life crises or Testosterone deficiency Symptoms, for men is a series of unexplained change in multiple behaviors that may sometime be violent. These changes are irritability, lethargy, fatigue, loss of sex drive and weight gain. This middle life crises in men life is simply called as men menopause. 

  • Life stage at which men may suffer from middle life crises ranges from age 30 to 35 and almost all men passes through these menopausal symptoms to some extent of degrees. 
As per the expert opinion the men menopausal conditions are real and can be treated of the symptoms are diagnosed correctly and give due weight-age. Calm before the storm, is the exact explanation of these conditions for men.
  • Another fact, which keep Testosterone Deficiency untreated and not diagnosed is the Men ego, which never accepts these reality. 
The loss of libido is the result of decreased level of testosterone in the men body at the middle stage, which actually began at late twenties and continues till men reaches to 80, where his libido stops.

  • What actually happens in the Testosterone Deficiency is sex hormone binding Globulin decreases at the middle age of men and the ability for testosterone production and the body cells ability to store it both decreases.
Women are at the line of fire for these middle life crises, where their men reduce his interests in bed room and get the symptoms for forgetfulness. Men himself feels their decrease in his manhood and may reciprocate by buying a new sports car, spending more time in boys like activities and even resorting to having affairs.
 Follow these workable tips to cope with the symptoms.
  • Most men respond very well to the dual therapy of a three monthly testosterone injection and use of supplements like Viagra, PDE5, Cialis or Levitra.
  • Its most important for men to get the medical for these symptoms as they may seriously lead to erectile dysfunction, depression, diabetes and heart conditions.
  • Make a healthy life style change: A healthy and positive life style is as important to cope with symptoms as treatment options, Try to keep the body in good shape, have a 45 to 60 minutes exercise in a week and increase fruits and vegetables intake.


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