Sunday, 21 February 2016

Three simple rules for losing 80 pounds of fats.

During college life, the regular intake of junk food and lack of physical exercise, have made Sarah DeArmond fat and she weight,s 200 pounds at age of 26. 

The results of this weight gain come with tiredness and fatigue, high blood pressure and wheezing of breath. 
Sarah was able to lose 80 pounds of fats in two years by sticking to the simple three tips formula, here are the three rules for losing 80 pounds of weight as followed by Sarah.

  1. Make exercise fun and do it in a way that you can enjoy. You can opt for an exercise bike and can do it while watching TV, even you can do it while gossiping with your family. Or do it the exercise in a way you can enjoy the most. Make it a fun and do it regularly.
  2. Shop healthy foods: Say NO to junk food. Try fresh vegetables and fruits. If they are out of your kitchen, the fewer chances are there that you will eat them. Always go for shopping of healthy foods.
  3. Fake Fry: Opt for frying food in a healthy way, like you can fry fish in eggs white by baking it dipped in egg white. Opt for more protein that keeps you fuller for longer time and helps you to avoid junk food, thus resulting in less calories intake and you can lose and maintain your weight.

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