Saturday, 12 March 2016

08 reasons your body loves coffee.

Right, you can blame coffee for some time gives you jitters, but your body knows thyself well, so it loves coffee. Here are the reasons.
  1. Coffee lowers Depression: As per findings of Harward Medical review, women who drink coffee four times daily, have 20 % fewer depression levels than those who have no coffee intake. Coffee is a nervous system friendly drink and effects the secretions of a brain,s chemicals, Dopamine and Serotonin, in healthy ways, lowering stress and depression.
  2. Coffee is heart friendly: A daily intake of 200 mg of 300 mg of Caffeine, improves heart function and boosts blood circulation, particularly when you are at rest.
  3. Coffee boosts energy: A daily intake of three to four cups coffee enhances your energy levels. Try it before workout and you will be able for a long healthy and fitness activities.
  4. Coffee lowers risk of diabetes: Find by Harward Medical Review, a daily intake of 8 oz coffee can reduce the risk of type- 2 diabetes by 33 %. 
  5. Enhances Memory: In a recent study, it was found that a daily intake of 200 mg of caffeine, improves the long-term memory.
  6. Skin Health: A daily intake of three cups of coffee decreases the chances of skin basal layer carcinoma.
  7. Liver protection: A daily intake of up to two cups coffee daily, decreases the chances of liver malfunction, like Cirrhosis.
  8. Coffe protects your feet: A daily intake of 06 cups of coffee decreases the chances of gout by 59 %. Coffee lowers the acids levels in blood and helps you in maintaining your feet health.

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