Thursday, 28 April 2016

Its time to reduce fats and cholesterol.

This is the most important advice for you, if you want to live, longer and healthier. You should reduce saturated fats and cholesterol intake in your diet.

Multiple studies have shown that high high-fat diet contributes to heart diseases, which is the number one health issue in the USA today.
In a typical diet today we consume, its 40% is fats, it should be around 30 % in our daily routine diet, and among this 30%, one-third should be ideally saturated fats.
The advice traced back to the studies upon the clogging of arteries, in this condition that arteries are placed and narrowed by fats, a condition commonly called as atherosclerosis.

An extensive research is present, which have shown that food, hereditary, exercise and other factors interact with each other to cause the narrowing of arteries within human beings. This narrowing of arteries is the major cause of stroke and heart diseases.
There is an also a clear connection between the cholesterol levels and narrowing of arteries in your body, to reduce the fat contents in your food and live longer with healthy heart and mind.


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