Friday, 27 May 2016

The best 09 Natural sources of Probiotics for Women.

Its now the beginning of the mega benefits probiotics can offer to today women. Its vital for women healthy urinary system, weight loss, immune system, digestive health and overall fitness and wellbeing. 
Here are top 09 foods which are the best probiotic sources for women to fulfil their requirement of probiotics and gain all that is now a fact, the benefits of probiotic for women.


You will be the surprise to know that yogurt has billions of beneficial bacteria. What will make it more beneficial for you is the addition of cultures of bacteria after the milk is pasteurized to form yogurt? Some brands of yogurt have more live cultures of bacteria so while purchasing yogurt, read the label. The minimum criteria should be 100 Million cultures of probiotics per gram. 

This is a milky beverage that has originated in some parts of the globe, particularly in Russia and Turkey. Some experts consider Kefir a better source of probiotics for women than yogurt. Kefir is prepared by fermenting Cow or Goat milk with kefir grains. This drink contains 20 multiple types of probiotic strains and aids amazingly in the health and well-being of women. To make its intake easy, use Kefir instead of Milk in your smoothies and enjoy this probiotic naturally laden source. Kefir is also proven to ease lactose intolerance in women.

This is a spicy and sour Korean side dish and is made by fermenting Cabbage, Cucumber of Radish. It is used mostly in pickled form, so it is less in fibres. Kimchi is the best natural source of probiotic for women and there is an established link between Kimchi consumption and immune system enhancement.


Salty and sour pickles also provide a bunch of healthy bacteria for women. Consider a pickle in water and sea salt instead of Vinegar for gaining the billions of probiotics strains. Vinegar restricts the growth of beneficial bacteria and so you cannot get the required probiotics in vinegar pickles. Additionally, by using pickles you can ease your muscle cramps as a result of exercise and workouts.

It is slightly sweet and fizzy liquid and can be obtained when a sweet black tea is fermented. It offers billions of probiotics to women when they consume it. As the ways of fermentation will be different so it is challenging to point out, exactly what type of Probiotics it contains. 

It is used as food to top the sausages and as a side dish and can offer you multi-billions of beneficial bacteria, the probiotics. Only  Unpasteurized Sauerkraut can offer you the probiotics. Women should always remember to consult their Gynecologists while using unpasteurized food while they are pregnant.

Believe it, as women, you can get probiotic by this bread as well. This toast is prepared by Sourdough starter, which acts similar to yeast. Additionally, this is lower on Glycemic index and you will feel fuller for the longest time after its consumption, thus, will aid amazingly in your weight loss jails as well.

You can prepare Miso paste by fermenting Soybean with brown rice. This is the fermentation process that makes it an excellent natural source of probiotic. The 160 different types of probiotic make it the best natural source of probiotic for women. Remember, it has a lot of sodium and salt contents, so take it little, it will go a long way to fulfilling your probiotic requirements.

Tempted is prepared by fermenting soybean and is in the form of the white block. It is commonly used as the meat substitute for vegans and is the high source of calories as well, in addition to probiotics.


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