Sunday, 1 May 2016

How often women should take probiotic.

How often you should take probiotic depends on upon your current health status, the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your small and large intestine. Good bacteria help you in the proper maintenance of a digestive system, boosting immunity and coping with infections. Now come to our talk, how often women should take probiotic.

For the maintenance of a healthy ratio of good bacteria, its preferable to take probiotics on the daily basis. The two best options for probiotic intake is the probiotic supplements from a good source and by intake of probiotic enrich foods like yoghurt.

  • Probiotics with Antibiotics: The intake of probiotics become additionally important when you are on Antibiotics therapy. Antibiotics kill both the good and infection-causing bacteria within your body, probiotic intake in this situation maintain the balance of good bacteria for the proper function of digestive system and maintenance of a sound immune system.

The best time to take probiotics while on antibiotic therapy is to take it two hours before you take antibiotics, with food or immediately after food intake. After taking the full dose antibiotics, increase the amount of probiotic intake twice or thrice for at least two weeks.
  • You can maximize the good effects of probiotics on your women body, by taking it with the meal or immediately after meals. If you miss a dose, there is no need to take double amount next time. 

The unwanted effects of probiotics are a headache and bloating if these symptoms disturb you, you can reduce the intake till your side effects symptoms become manageable. 

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