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Which probiotic is best for women intimate health.

To maintain a healthy feminine health and to avoid conditions like thrush, cystitis, and bacterial vaginosis, two strains of probiotics are most effective. These not only aid in women, s specific needs of health but also helps in avoid constipation, bloating and maintain the intimate flora and gut flora, two probiotics are most effective. 

  1. L. rhamnosus- GR. 1
  2. L. reutueri- RC- 14
The question, of which probiotic is best for women, is the most frequently asked question by women today, let's have an in-depth talk.

As far as the immunity and gut health are concerned, there is no specification in regard to the probiotics for men and women, The probiotics effective in these two requirements are same for women and men. But as women, when you are looking for probiotics that take care of your vaginal health, in addition, consider the above two strains of probiotics for your multiple health and fitness benefits.
  • Why: When you are looking for the best probiotic for yourself as women, you should consider two benefits that you can get from probiotics. One is to keep your digestive health and second to keep your urogenital health. 
Compared to men the proximity of vagina in women, make the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the urogenital system more easily and can cause multiple challenges of health and social issues. The healthy flora of the female private part consists of different flora as of digestive health. So, you as women should consider different probiotic for the aim to keep your feminine health up and healthy. Multiple research findings have proved that these two probiotics, L. rhamnosus- GR. 1 and L. reutueri. GR- 14 are most vital to keep the women intimate health and normal function. 

  • Women intimate flora: New findings are on the way that shows the multiple role probiotics are playing in the health and fitness of men and women, including maintaining the women intimate health. The presence of probiotics acts in same way as it acts in the gut, they maintain a healthy flora and restrict the growth of pathogenic bacteria and cysts, to prevent infection in the feminine part
Research has also proven that the presence of Lactobacillus probiotic in the urogenital tract of female prevents the bacterial infections and yeast infections like Cystitis, thrush, and bacterial vaginosis. The strains of probiotics mentioned above, L. rhamnosus and L. reutueri. RC- 14 have proven for their transit from the gut into the vagina and bladder and keeps them protected from pathogenic bacteria and yeast infections. 
  • Due to the ease through which these probiotics make their transition into the urogenital system, it now above doubts that they maintain and healthy urogenital system in women and protects women from bacterial and yeast infections. 
A number of clinical trials that are carried on these two probiotics have shown its efficacy. One major trial is conducted by Canadian Research and Development Center for Probiotics, have accurate data at hand that the environment of a urogenital system in women, overloaded by these two probiotics Vs placebo have more favourable health conditions Vs placebo in women, after two months of intake.
How these probiotics Acts
  • Maintain and healthy PH of< 4.5
  • Modulate Cytokines in your system to reduce inflammation.
  • They have a competitive inhibition.
  • Synthesize H2O2 that kills pathogens.
  • Produce biochemical ingredient, Biosurfactants that break down the films of pathogens.
Maintain health in Menstruation: In menstruation, you as female are proven more to infections and your intimate health become at risk. Taking these two probiotics either separately or in combined form, maintains your feminine health in menstruation, due to the healthy actions of probiotics as discussed above.

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