Sunday, 15 May 2016

Raw Drink that cleanse blood vessels.

The enhanced levels of Cholesterol are the major health issue, the majority of us are in search to find a solution. This problem leads to restrictions in blood circulation, blood pressure and even, unfortunately, people may lose their lives due to heart attacks.
  • Multiple options of medicine, food alterations and exercises are available to cope with the narrowing of blood vessels.

In natural medicines as well, there are multiple effective remedies, of-of which is below.


  • Water: Three Liters.
  • Lemons: One Kg
  • Baking Soda: One Packet, 125 GM.
  • Parsley bunches: 05 
How to prepare:
  • Wash the lemons in fresh water first and then soak them in hot water.
  • Put the baking soda this lemon soaked in hot water and let it remain for one hour.
  • Wash the Parsley and cut it into small pieces.
  • Take three litres of fresh water, filter the water from lemons, which you have put in hot water and have added baking soda.
  • Put all the ingredients in three litres of fresh water and cook it.
  • Continue cooking it, till it becomes a solution of 1.5 litres.
How to use it:

  • Put all 1.5-liter prepared solution in an airtight bottle and use 100 ml/ small cup every morning on empty stomach.
This is a time-tested natural remedy and is used by Millions to cope with the issue of vessels cleanse.


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