Monday, 30 May 2016

Why it is so hard to lose weight?

The answer to the query, is the among the most common one, whenever you talk about weight loss and try to remain fit.
Before we get into the discussions, some fundamental facts about the weight loss and fats accumulation are worth sharing.

  • The belly is the first place in the body that starts accumulating fats and the last one which loses it.
  • This is the general rule, the fats accumulation spots at body may vary from person to person and it many is different depending upon multiple factors.
  • These factors are your genes, lifestyle, hormone levels, demography and a lot more.
When you want to lose specific weight, it means you want to lose fats, so your objective is fat loss. Its simple, you want to lose fats to look great, feel good and fit. Nice,
Now, what are the basics you should know,
  • Set an objective for losing fats, not weight. Fat loss will be the best indicator of your weight loss transformation.
  • You have accumulated fats in all over the body, so try to counter from all the aspects you have in hand, to get rid of it.
  • Remember you cannot lose significant fat loss by moderate actions, you have adopted, gradually to a lifestyle that is compatible with the weight you wish for your body.
  • You have to improve your ratio of muscle mass to the overall weight of the body, to lose fats permanently.

Now the above points are agreed, now how you can do this, follow the steps mentioned.
Correct your food intake
 This is the basic and prime most important factor for you if you want to lose fats. Without this, you will be unable to lose your body fats on the permanent basis. Although there is not a single answer for food intake for weight loss, the crunch of the long-discussed topic areas,
  • Do not take processed food, turn to nature. Take veggies and some fruits.
  • Make sure to take adequate amount of protein daily.
  • Reduce your intake of Complex Carbohydrates.
  • Cut on excesses sugar from your diet, as much as you can.
Physical activities
Yes, you are in need of physical activities in a form of exercises, workouts waking etc. Simple formula, keep moving.
In order of importance for your fat loss, these may be categorised in following broad types.
  • Metabolic Resistance Training: This will create the biggest metabolic demand in your body, You will build your body muscles and you will look smart despite your weight. It will also enhance your posture for a smarter look and enhanced confidence.
  • High-intensity Anaerobic Interval training: It creates metabolic demand in your body compares to steady rate cardio exercises. Secondly, it takes less time, so you can easily manage this.
  • High-intensity Aerobic Intensity Training, the simple example is Intense Aerobic Intervals.
  • Steady-state high-intensity Aerobic Training, like the intense cardio workout.
  • Steady-state low-Intensity Aerobic training, like walking around and simple moments.
Set the points mentioned one by one, start it by lower one point mentioned both for food intake and exercises and gradually move upward.
You have gain weight after years of habits and lifestyle, it is impossible to lose it in a couple of days, particularly if you want to get rid of body fat permanently. But it is not impossible, you will gradually lose it, look at your fat loss, not weight loss, it will keep you motivated for the fast loss successful journey.



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