Sunday, 26 June 2016

Do Genes influence our Personality and Health?

Do you think that Genes influence our personality and health, this is a very commonly asked question and for the answer, we have to understand some basic concepts.
  •  Some of our genes have impacted upon our personality, health, and habits. This is the common belief in the early research and of course, I and You have about same beliefs till yet.
  • We also believe that these are our habits and experiences that shape our lifestyle and health, social relations, diseases and weight, and in short our life.
  • The early research on genes has fair good recommendations for the same. The typical; an example of Twins either 100 % same genes or 50 % same, further promotes this belief, that genes influence our personality and health.
  • Now, we have to understand a very fundamental query that is Candidate genes. The scientist will be able to discover a specific Gene related to personality, physical look, and all the multiple aspects.
  • So, Gene for is the point of research of the future that is if you have the gene for obesity etc you are more prone to have that health condition, simple.
  • But in practice when research results come forward, the Genes for, the theory does not work to that limit that was expected. Many recipients having the Genes for, does not show that symptoms.
  • So maybe, the current evidence suggests that we do not have any personality genes. but what about the twins realities of symbolical look and personality. The end of the day, we are missing something that can solve the mystery of genes and Personality, health and habits.
To fill this gap, the research results that a specific personality trait is not related to a single specific Gene, this is actually a complex system of Genes that work in combination to express a specific trait.
  • The typical example of twins when further studied have found that we receive 40% of all what we are, from genes, but the rest of 60%, as per current evidence refers to our habits, lifestyle, environment, beliefs, food habits, economy and all the macro and micro factors that surround us.
In light of this, let's have a discussion on the relationship of hereditary and health conditions that are utmost important.

  • Tallness: If you are living in a society that has good status related to the nutrition intake, then there are 80% chances that you will get the tallness as of the average of your parents. Though, variation exists.
  • Heart Diseases: In hearing t diseases more than 100 genes have some limited role, but that is minimum. The utmost importance is your daily habits of exercise, no smoking, low-stress levels and regular checkups by Doctor.
  • Diabetes: This is also partly by genes, but your inputs play the more prominent role than hereditary. You can opt to either have diabetes ( Type- 2) or to prevent it.
So, the role of hereditary in health is very limited. It is up to us, how we adopt our habits that can lead us accordingly. 

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