Monday, 20 June 2016

How much exercise do you need to lose weight?

The American College of Sports medicine has issued guidelines for the reply of the question, how much exercise do you need to lose weight. The highlights of these, a help you a lot to know about, how much exercise do you need to lose weight. These are,

  • 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week is not enough to lose weight.
  • If you are doing the 30 minutes exercise for five days, you will maintain your weight. But will not lose weight. The benefit you will get from this category of exercise is that you will maintain your health.
  • In order to lose weight on the long-term basis, you are in need of 250 to 300 minutes exercise per week. This should be 50 minutes to 60 minutes per day.
  • The exercise mentioned above for health maintenance and weight loss is moderate intensity exercise.
  • An exercise of 30 minutes to 50-minute exercise will give the benefits of preventing weight gain.
  • The only best criteria left for weight loss on a permanent basis should be at least 50 Minutes per day.
  • If you combine regular strength training exercises, you have the most probabilities to lose weight by exercise.
What you think, is this something you are doing or you are planning to increase the time duration of exercise for weight loss?
Additionally, how much exercise has given you good results for weight loss.



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