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Top 15 home remedies for weight loss, acne and health.

  • Home remedy for a pimple free skin:  Olive oil can provide a solution at home for your acne. The reasons are, oil can restrict the growth of bacteria as it is a natural antibiotic. Antioxidants in olive oil reduce the appearance of acne scars. It reduces swelling, redness and inflammation of acne scars

It naturally moisturizes skin. It contains Vitamin E, K, C, and D that restores natural skin health.

  • Home remedy for removing upper lip hair: Upper lip hair presence in women becoming common due to the hormonal changes and lifestyle adaptations women have made in the past years. The natural home-based solution is turmeric and milk.

 Turmeric is used for centuries for natural glowing and fair skin having multiple beauty benefits for the skin. Milk is the natural hydration of skin having value-added nutrients for skin beauty. Combining these two, and applying it in opposite direction that of hair growth gives a good remedy for upper lip hairs in women.
  • Home remedy to light up dark knees at home: Dark knees can be effectively treated at home by using a solution of lemon and olive oil. Olive oil has antibacterial, antioxidant and cleansing properties of skin. While lemon a time-tested remedy for skin beauty, due to its cleaning properties and moisturizing benefits.

 How to Use: Combine one tablespoon each in a cup and rub your knees gently with this solution. Better to apply at night and remain it overnight. Wash with warm water at morning and see the amazing benefits in few days.

  • Home Remedy for weight loss; Apple cider vinegar is used by many people for the weight loss and has got benefits. Simply mix the apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it three or two times daily, before your meals. Apple cider vinegar keeps the body status alkaline and helps in burning more calories. It second logic for the effectiveness of weight loss, is acid helps in the full digestion of protein, protein metabolism needs more calories, so your boost calories are utilized.

Secondly, more protein in the body means more healthy hormones, which keep the metabolism boosted and aid in your weight loss.
  • Homemade drink for weight loss: Water Melon in raw form and natural form give you amazing health and fitness benefits including weight loss. How watermelon aid in weight loss? One, it's fully hydrating body, second, I have valuable nutrients so it keeps the hormones active, 
    Thirdly, it contains Arginine, which is a natural fat burner and reduces fat contents within your body.

  • Home-based after meal drink for health and vitality: When you have your meal, add one teaspoon honey and one tablespoon lemon juice into a glass of warm water, mix it well and take it after your every major meal. You feel more energized and active. Why? It provides you with a good combination of Vitamins and minerals, that keep your hormones and body metabolism balanced and provide you vigour and energy.

  • Ultimate home workout for losing belly fats: The exercise can easily be don eat home, what you have to do to move your legs, while you are in the sleeping position, and having your hands below your neck. Keep heading a bit upper. Move your tongue in a direction toward your belly by bending your knees.

This simplest exercise will strengthen your belly muscles and will help you a lot in losing your belly fats.
  • Prepare lemon juice at home and get multiple health benefits: Lemon juice or lemonade give you multiple health and fitness benefits. The major one are, It boosts your metabolism releasing more energy and keeping your active. The release of more energy is associated with burning additional calories, so you get the weight loss benefits as well. The pectin in the lemon juice have the proven benefits of lowering the absorption of sugars, so helps in diabetes control as well. Additionally, it enhances the absorption of nutrients especially minerals like calcium and helps you to be more healthy.

  • Home remedy for feet odour: Feet odour is the result of perspiration within your shoes and the resultant bacterial growth, causes the feet odour. The effective home remedy for feet odour is, take a warm water in an open container and make it mild hot.Add baking soda in this water and keeps your feet in this for 10 to 15 minutes. You will very soon feel the odour is becoming less and less with the passage of every single day. Why? Baking soda alters the PH in a way that the environment becomes less favourable for bacteria to grow. Secondly, it removes the darker surface, which may be the potentially suitable place for bacteria to grow and produce odour.

  • Home remedy for dark under eye circles: Take a spoon and make it cool in a refrigerator. It has recommended this to few of my clients that they have got a good response.

  • Home remedy for Acne: Acne is the common issue of skin health and beauty. The unbalanced hormonal level is the major cause of acne. Acne is more prevalent in teenagers than adults. Take two tablespoon yoghurt and add mint leaves into it well, so as to form a uniform paste. Apply this paste on your skin affected with acne and get the cooling and remedial response.Mint reduces the inflammation of acne spots, thus reducing redness, swelling and pain. Yogurt in addition to anti-inflammatory benefits gives your skin valuable nutrients, thus enhances the skin health and integrity, to cope with acne breakthrough.
  • Home remedies for skin stretched marks: As clear from the name when skin is overstretched it produce skin stretched marks. This is a common symptom associated with pregnancy, major weight loss, and some major workouts. You can prepare a cream at home to treat it. What you are in need: Cocoa butter and Shea butter. Take it in a combination of 1:1. Add few Vitamin E capsules contents.

Apply this at night or before going to sleep. Rub very gently, and remain it overnight. When wake up washes it with warm water. You will get good results to cure skin stretched marks.
  • Home remedy for blackheads of the nose: A very common issue, particularly in girls and women. Its reason is mainly hormonal due to which the oil excretion rises above the normal and the oil dryness produces blackheads. Bentonite clay is the home solution. Make its paste with lemon water and apply it on blackheads. Remain it for 15 to 20  minutes and get the natural at home remedy for your this skin issue.

  • Home remedy for bug bites: Bug bites are common, especially when you are opting for outdoors more. Bug bites cause redness, swelling and pain/ itching. The effective home remedy is to mix skimmed milk with the equal amount of cold water. Use a cotton swab to apply this on the place, where the bug has been you.

 Keep this cotton ball for at least 10 minutes on the bite spot. You will get good relief of symptoms.
  • Home remedy for skin Cellulite: It’s a common skin issue of women and your skin need to be cured, so as to keep your skin beauty and social confidence. It can appear on any part of the skin, but in practice is more common on thighs. Dry brushing, in majority markets brushes are available for skin, rubs the skin gently with this brush. The skin cellulite one reason is the presence of dead skin cells at the surface of

the skin, dry brushing will remove these dead cells
.So, your skin will look more uniform. Secondly, it will accelerate the blood flow toward the skin and will nourish it properly for a more glowing look. Do not forget to moisturize your skin after dry brushing.
  • Home remedy for age spots on skin: Although these are called age spots, however, these brown patches, have nothing to do with your age. It’s the wear and tear of the skin caused by sun ultraviolet rays. The brown colour is due to the production of Melanin at the burn part of the skin. Home remedy is, buy, Quinolone, it’s a cream easily available at drug stores, and apply it to your age spots. Apply it and wash with warm water after 20 minutes

  Do not forget to keep your skin moisturize and use a sunscreen when you get yours for sun exposure.
  • Home remedy for skin pigmentation: Almond and honey pack is the preferred remedy for skin pigmentation. It is available in stores, Drug stores with different names.


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