Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bad Tempered People- Four most effective ways to deal.

How to deal with bad-tempered people? Dealing bad-tempered people is always a challenge and it becomes more important to know the ways to deal with bad-tempered persons, especially when you have to deal with such persons in office, in social and professional spheres and at homes.
Before we talk about the ways, how to deal with bad-tempered persons, lets first know why are some persons are bad-tempered. Why? If you know the causes of something annoying, you come to know in even better position, how to deal with them.

If we talk about the causes of bad temper, some are behavioural or emotional and some are physical.
Emotional Causes of bad temper

·         Generally, it is a combination of reasons, not a single reason.
·         Inability to show balanced anger.
·         Do not know the tricks to control emotions.
·         You have worked at an environment where generally people are short tempered.
Physical causes of bad temper:
·         Stress.

·         Depression.
·         Heart diseases.
·         Eating disorders.
·         Lacking social skills.
How to deal with low tempered People?  Here are some effective ways, you can effectively deal with low tempered people.
·         Position yourself as Ally: Become the companion of the person who is short tempered. Remember that tempered is further exaggerated when you deal with a short-tempered person showing your position as, Resource, Residence, and Relationship. So, do not act in these 3Rs.  The best option is to present you as no- threat and forge trust. Show a keen interest in their plight and be a very active listener.
1.       Why have I bad temper?
·         Argue peacefully: If you argue peacefully then would be able to handle the situation very effectively. One point should be remembered that you have to be aware of the basic communication skills be become a more effective negotiator. Some basics are, know the anger trigger points of the short-tempered person and avoid it, keep yourself motivated and be a very active listener and give emphasis upon, listen to what said and what you understand. ( Pick the underline message)
·         Consider emotional status: Some physical status at the life of everyone carries,s physical stressors. Like girls at the time of puberty undergo through emotional changes, some are for women in their menstruation periods, pre-menopause and menopause stages. For both women and men the depression episode and stress levels, duration of unemployment, time of stretched work schedule, job threats and physical fractures and trauma. These are the stage of life that the stress levels are boosted naturally. So, while dealing with short-tempered persons take care of these physical conditions that are causing stress and anxiety that results in short-tempered.
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·         Do not tolerate Abuse: If you are dealing the short-tempered person in your professional sphere and you feel that the person is abusing you either verbally, physically or emotionally seek help from the authorities. Do not tolerate abuse.

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