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how to maintain your health to avoid Doctor visits,

The question is very much interested that’s why I am replying in detail, Thanks. Why? As avoid the reason of being sick is the best approach for maintaining health and fitness. Now, let's talk, how to maintain your health to avoid Doctor visits. At the best of my know-how, following tips can help you avoid doctor visits by marinating your health.
Eat well
 Today the typical American diet has caused obesity in the adult, for this ratio, the negligence of eating well is the major contributor. Why talk about obesity? The reason is that obesity causes health conditions that need regular and frequent Doctor visits to manage that health conditions. Second proof as per the statistics provided by the Center for Disease control and prevention that typical Medical costs of not- obese are 1500 $ less than the obese one. So, proved that obesity is the major cause of recent Doctor visits, which should be avoided. Following are some tips for you to eat well so as to maintain health and avoid Doctor visits.
·         Consume plant-based monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats its sources are seeds, nuts, and plant oils.
·         Reduce the consumption of soda and get more plain water.

·         Regularly calculate your BMI, it will tell you about the obesity status you have. For healthy one, the BMI should be in the range of 18. 5 to 24. 9, for obese it should be in range for 25 and 29. 9. BMI of 30 and above is the indication of very peak obesity.

Avoid heavy smoking and Drinking
Smoking is the reason behind consistent Doctor visit as it causes lungs and throat infections, Asthma and emphysema and allergies that cause the regular visits to Doctor.
Alcohol cause gut health issues, liver, and pancreas are also badly affected by the regular and heavy drinking. Alcoholism is also very closely associated with nutritional deficiencies, cognitive issues, and depression.
What makes the issue of regular doctor visits more exaggerate is that smokers are in high % age ration are drinkers as well.
Avoid the both, or reduce intake, this will help you a lot to avoid doctors visits as it will make you unable to maintain your health.

Exercise More
Exercise is very helpful to lessen the effects of the two major reasons for Doctor frequent visits that of diet, smoking and drinking.  In addition, it gives you others benefits as well. For maintenance a mild to moderate 30 minutes exercise is very helpful for the one-hour duration is best.
Check Basic physical tests at home: This will also help you a lot to see a doctor with lesser frequency. You can manage your sugar levels, Cholesterol levels, hypertension, BMI, Pregnancy even blood and urine tests can also be made at home, with very little too little expertise.
Avoid taking more medicines
Intake of medicine is always associated with side effects. A per the generally accepted fact of pharmaceutical ethics, no medicine is 100% safe and not 100 effective. Try to have some natural remedies for common health issues like cold, flu, cough, fever, ulcers and hyperacidity and dizziness. If you are unable to manage these common issues through natural and self-remedies, then better to opt for the approved over the counter medicines as this category of medicines have comparatively lesser side effects.
Perform annual Physical check up
This is the best way to plan for your health maintenance which will help you to avoid regular Doctor advice. By this, you can easily plan for your health and fitness, based upon the professional outputs as a result of these annual checkups.

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