Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Is gaining weight takes less time than losing it?

While talking about gaining weight and losing weight, we must be clear about its causes. Once its causes are clear, then we will be able to talk about the almost very query for both the gaining and losing weight.
Calories are the key to the weight Game: For a healthy person, both are the game of calories. We take more calories than we actually in need of, so we gain weight, as the extra calories are stored in our body in the form of fats.

We take fewer calories than we are in need of, so we lose weight.

Other factors also play a role, but the prime and major role is played by calories. So, in summary, we gain weight as a result of calories excesses and lose it as a result of calories deficit.
By agreeing on this, it's clear now, in my opinion, that both take the same time.
Here I should clarify one point is that gaining weight is of two types, either you are gaining muscle mass, that is the healthy weight gain, or gaining fats. For the latter type of weight gain, the mechanism is different.


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