Monday, 25 July 2016

You are not losing your belly fats despite healthy diet and exercise.

Why you are not losing belly fats while having good healthy diet, exercise and are losing weight from all another body, the reasons may be, take a look at it, maybe you are missing something.
  • ·         Taking not enough Magnesium
  •  This mineral is part of about 300 functions within your body. The major one is keeping the heart rhythm healthy and regulating blood sugar levels. 
  • Magnesium also plays a major role in body shaping and belly fat loss. As per the findings of American Journal of Nutrition it has good effects on the lower fasting glucose levels and insulin levels. 
  • The higher the two the more you are prone to not lose your belly fats. Magnesium also solves the issue of fluid retention during the menstrual cycle and you feel less bloated.
  •  Natural sources of Magnesium are nuts, beans, and green leafy vegetables and its daily requirement is between 300 to 325 mg per day.
·         The best exercise for your tummy is strength training
 If you are ignoring it then give it a try. Lifting weights cause micro tears within body muscles and its repair needs more calories. 

  • It is also important for you to look into the option of HIIT, high-intensity interval training, very simply these are the exercises that raise your heart rate and keeps muscles relax. 
  • The study at the University of Arkansas has pointed out that people who opt for high-intensity interval training have 20 % less abdominal fats than that of people having routine exercises. In summary, add strength training to your regular exercise routine.

·         You do not sleep enough
  •  About 50% of Americans are not sleeping enough, look at this cause of not losing belly fats as well. Too little sleep boost the production of an enzyme ghrelin that has a direct impact on the belly fats.
  •  A sleep of 7 to 9 hours is best and adequate for adults. In addition to the duration of sleep you have to make your sleep a more quality one, do not use electronics before going to sleep, avoid caffeine and develop a routine sleeping pattern.

·         Are you taking no calories soda: If you are taking it, will get belly fats and will face more challenge in losing that fat off your belly.

  •  The evidence is provided by the Journal of obesity, that it produces food carvings and enhance appetite. Opt for water as a drink, the best solution.

·         Are you consuming more salt
  •  Sodium moves the water from your body to the skin. The fact that 90% of people are getting more sodium than required make it an important health and weight loss issue.
  •  As a replacement to make your meals delicious use canned foods, Salad dressings, spices, herbs, chilli powder, and cinnamon, which will add taste and health both to your meals.

·         Are you taking more alcohol
Avoid it, it also resists the loss of belly fats. Regular consumption of alcohol is proven to be associated with belly fats.
·         Green tea and belly fats loss?


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