Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to overcome oversensitiveness and sadness in girls,

Avoid situations and people that make you sad: First and topmost are that you should avoid all those situations that can lead to making you over thinking and sad: Avoiding the cause is the most effective way to avoid the effects. Same is for over thinking and sadness. As over thinking is the major reason behind your sadness.

Talk to yourself: It means little different than what is reflected as the meaning of self-talking. Talk to yourself and narrate what makes you overthinking. Then advice yourself as well. When you have something inside your mind that keeps you disturb then say it. Surprisingly when you say it and when you will advice yourself to not be disturbed by it, you will see that the matter is of not so much seriously of a concern then you are taking it.

Initiate a project you are interested in Initiative on task for yourself you have the most expertise in, and remain busy in it. Oversensitive persons remain sad for most of the time, by initiating something of your interest, you will remain busy and will find very less time on thinking on the matters of disturbance.

Change your routine: Doing things in routine make us bored and uninterested. Change your routine for opting some very healthy activities like walking, jogging, cycling and improve your social contacts. Exercise and outdoor activities smooth the brain and you feel calm and satisfied.

We should admit that no one is perfect: Oversensitivity brings the symptoms of negative self-image and hence down, s our self-esteem. We should admit that no one is perfect. If you are oversensitive, it is not something you should be the regret of. Focus on the gratitude of nature upon you and play more on your strengths and as the second point of action, improve your weaknesses.

Always see the big image: make yourself capable/ improve your capabilities for success and leading a happy life. Things never change over time and time passes lastly. The issue of today wills no longer an issue tomorrow if to more bring more success than today.
In addition to these points, there are some symptoms that are associated with the stages of puberty in girls and it happens to every girl from age 13 to age 19.
These are the desire for more independence, insecurity, and mood swings. These are natural hormonal changes that happen to everyone. Think about these puberty symptoms as well, maybe you will find some suitable answer in this aspect of causes of sadness.


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