Friday, 29 July 2016

These are the reasons people find it hard to lose weight

It's hard to lose weight because,
  • Weight gain is a process of years and weight loss also takes time, it can not be made possible in a short period of time.
  • Weight loss is the output of combined efforts of diet for weight loss, exercise and lifestyle changes. Yoga and Meditation also plays a role. It is not possible/ very much challenging with a single input.
  • If you do not continue the combination of your better efforts, you can regain weight.
In my view, these are the reasons, that people find it hard to lose weight.
Why not a Nice start of a day
If someone was unable to have a nice start of a day, it is because of,
·         Not enough duration of sleep and quality of sleep.
·         Unhealthy digestive system, like constipation.
·         Stress and Worry.

·         No exercise.
·         Getting up late so you can not adequately prepare each and everything in a proper manner.

·         The continues lessen the sense of gratitude.
Are the common reasons to avoid, in order to have a superb start of a day.

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