Friday, 1 July 2016

11 signs should make you realize that you are a Sociopath.

Before we talk about the signs that indicate clearly hat you are sociopath, let's first see what it is,

A Person in a personality disorder that manifests itself in extreme antisocial attitude and behaviour. 

·        Boredom is Prevalent: Boredom is prevalent in the Sociopath personalities and they do most of the action to relieve their symptoms and sense of boredom and stress. They may drive a care very carelessly or can experiment drugs that can cure their symptoms of boredom.

·        Are you a chronically dishonest: Unluckily, a sociopath is chronically dishonest. They missed the time schedule very often ignoring that it will waste the time of others. They come late for scheduled dinners. They may not participate in the birthday celebrations of their loved ones and a lot more of such type of experiences.

·        A sociopath does not take care of something immoral: They know the rule but does not take care to follow it. They feel no guilt over stealing clothes of others or cheating in a test. People have normally felt guilt when they do something immoral. A sociopath has no such guilt about their immoral actions and does not take care of it.

·        Do not feel Empathy: Sociopath does not feel any empathy with others. Like they will smoke in public place ignoring that the people around him are suffering from the hazards of second-hand smoking. At the intellectual level, they feel and have the realization that they are hurting someone, but they don, t feel it.

·        Do not continue friendship: As apparently sociopath looks bold and may have personality charms as well. So, it is very common for them to attract friends. But due to their personality disorders, they can not continue the friendship in long runs and lose the majority of their friends.

·        Manipulate others: Sociopath generally manipulates others and feel pleasure by doing it. They are more pleased if they create some problem for others.

·        Take less care of responsibilities: At the segment of jobs they face failures, the reason behind that is they do not take care of their responsibilities and even sometimes they manipulate others to do work for them.
·        Your sex life is purely physical: Sociopath lacks the emotional scenes associated with sex. Their sex is purely physical and they are more prone to involve in sex with those, to which they do not have committed relationships.
·        Getting angry without justification: They feel anger without any valid cause and reason. Their anger can be ignited with little cause and they react at peak, even up to the level of physical exaggeration.

·        Purely self-centred: A sociopath is only concerned with himself. They have feelings and care about the emotions of others, They may be able to pretend the feel but do not actually doing it.

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