Saturday, 30 July 2016

These are the top 03 weight loss Myths.

These are the most common weight loss myths.
All we lost is are facts
This is a common misconception. When we exercise or follow a weight loss diet plan, then the first body burn the energy in soluble form.

You have to wait for your weight loss so that the body consumes the easily soluble form of energy, that are the Starches. Then it will turn to fats to burn it and provide the body with the calories it needs. That’s why when you exercise the expert's recommendation is to do it at least for one hour so that the turn of burning comes to fats. Same is logic for the effectiveness of Hight intensity interval training for weight loss more than low intensity.

The fewer you eat the more will your body lose weight 
 This is a concept. When you drastically decrease your caloric intake then body stores everything you eat. This is because of the body internal balance and control system, the Homeostasis.

So, never reduce your calories intake from 1200 calories per day.
Never skip meals: Take meals but with more fibres and fewer calories. When you miss a major meal there are obvious changes that you will take some fatty snacks afterwards.

Some foods are Negative calories foods 
This is also a myth. No food is negative calorie food. From negative calorie means, the body consumes more calories to digest food than actually, the food has. This is not true.

Yes, the body consumes calories to digest food but its numbers are in fraction of what the food actually has.


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